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About Jesse

Jesse understands that every business at its core is a marketing business - and effective marketing must tell a story.  After all, stories are how we relate to our world and each other.

With all the content being created now, to stay 'top-of-mind' (and top of feeds) with your customers, utilizing a professional voice actor to help shape your brand's story is the key to how customers feel about your brand!

Videos without a human voice telling the story are simply not as effective...and using AI can give the wrong impression, because if your messenger sounds cold or unfeeling, well you know how negative associations work!

Real Human Emotion through Story is powerful, relatable, & deeply rooted in all of us, and will always be the optimal method to voice any project.

Partner with Jesse to voice your projects with authenticity & impact!

Whether it's for a:

  • TV/Radio commercial,
  • Online Ad,
  • Video Narration,
  • Explainer video, or even an
  • Internal message - to get your team behind a new product, idea, or process.

Jesse is here to take your scripts and craft them toward your target audience, all with Broadcast-Quality Audio, quick turn-around times, and hassle-free edits, or 'pick ups'.  

Live directed sessions are available via Source Connect, Zoom, or other common platforms.

Contact Jesse today for a quote and be sure to check out his demos for a sample of what he can add to your story!